Microsoft Experience Center

The Microsoft Experience Center is a space within the SOVA Innovation Hub where you can immerse yourself in cutting edge digital applications and interact with technology experts.  The Microsoft Experience Center is designed with Southern Virginia in mind, focusing on content directly related to industries prevalent throughout the region like agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare, and small business.  



The space features a FarmBeats interactive display. FarmBeats is a project initiated by Microsoft to enable data-driven farming to help produce high crop yields. Utilization of low-cost sensors in soil and drones coupled with machine learning algorithms and the knowledge of farmers will help meet the growing demands.


Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Retail

The Microsoft HoloLens is a mixed reality device available for demonstrations at the Microsoft Experience Center. The HoloLens is designed to increase effectiveness in the workplace and facilitate seamless collaboration.

Since opening in October 2021, the Microsoft Experience Center has hosted over 1,000 individuals including high school students, technology professionals, and community members. 

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