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715 Wilborn Ave, South Boston, VA

(434) 570-1305

The SOVA Innovation Hub is sparking transformation in the lives of people and communities throughout Southern Virginia.


Coworking Space

Our coworking space features private offices, dedicated desks, flex seating, and lots of amenities.

SOVA Innovation Hub Coworking Space

Flex Seats

Take advantage of our open coworking space. Available by the day or month.

Dedicated Desks

A desk that is all yours. Available by the month.

Private Offices

An office just for you. Available by the month.


Meeting Spaces

Our meeting spaces, the Training Space and The Spark Conference Room, are equipped with meeting technologies and are available for your next meeting.

SOVA Innovation Hub - The Spark Meeting Room

Training Space

Multiple Configurations Available

SOVA Innovation Hub - The Spark Meeting Room

The Spark Conference Room

Seating for up to 5



Great partnerships allow us to offer innovative programs designed to inspire people to pursue digital careers and entrepreneurship.

…and MORE

We are inspiring people to pursue digital careers and entrepreneurship by bringing together business and education partners to offer innovative programs.

We are a place to work, learn, and experience: Our state-of-the-art facility includes coworking space, meeting space, and the Microsoft Experience Center.


See what events are happening at the SOVA Innovation Hub, with our programs, and through our partners!

SOVA Innovation Hub Newsletter

See what people are saying about the SOVA Innovation Hub

Keith Washo
July 17, 2023
Great place for working and meeting. Recommend!
Troy Gravitt
February 3, 2023
If you’re in town and need a space to work, this is the place to be. The design, layout, and overall experience are top notch. 💯
Alisha Rice
December 22, 2022
I thoroughly enjoyed the SOVA Innovation Hub during my two day leadership training. The vibrant atmosphere made the training feel as if it was a stay-cation. All of the technical equipment was set-up (hassle free) when the trainer arrived and the hospitality was like no other. I am so happy to have such an innovative space where people can gather and work in our area.
croc aloc
July 22, 2021
Great space to work. I rented a small booth with a noise cancelling door and walls. A very friendly manager showed me how to use all the amenities and made sure I was hooked up to the WiFi. Internet was the fastest I’ve ever used. Very clean space that made my interview look professional.
James Rutherford
June 25, 2021
Top of the line coworking space right here in rural Southern Virginia! I can't believe my eyes!
Francisco Martinez
May 26, 2021
Just moved to South Boston and this place was a life saver since our internet had not been installed. It is a really cool space to work from! Super fast internet, private rooms, conference rooms, phone rooms for making private calls and, an ample kitchen area with snacks, fruit, water, coffee and other beverages in order to get you through the work day. The young woman at the front, Rebecca, was super helpful and very friendly. Even though I do have a working internet connection as of now, I'll probably go into the Innovation Hub at least once a week.
Alejandra Martinez
May 26, 2021
Amazing ease to book online. This is such an amazing concept! When both husband and wife work from home... It is great every once in a while to get away.
Jeffrey & Stephanie Snead
April 29, 2021
I enjoyed my free day at the SOVA Innovation Hub. I got so much accomplished. I completed paperwork, went through emails and organized folders on my work computer. The space was so accommodating, quite and spacious. What a great place to have in South Boston.
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