LinkedIn Learning

Microsoft has committed to help 25 million people across the globe learn skills
for in-demand roles in a more digital economy through LinkedIn Learning.

Will you be one of them?

Microsoft, LinkedIn, and GitHub have come together to provide learning and certification opportunities for the top 10 jobs identified as having the most job openings*, have had continual growth over the past four years, pay a livable wage, and require skills that can be learned online.

Software developer

15+ Million Openings

Programming, storage, networking, security, and deployment; HTML, CSS, SQL, Javascript, Python.

Customer service specialist

1.8+ Million Openings

Customer satisfaction & experience,
data entry, CRM, admin

Financial analyst

360+ Thousand Openings

Financial analysis, risk
management, accounting, analytical
skills, data analysis.

Sales representative

8.5+ Million Openings

Negotiation, CRM, new business development, B2B, storytelling, social media.

Digital marketer

860+ Thousand Openings

Social media, content strategy, SEO, marketing channels; Google Analytics, Google Ads.

Graphic designer

355+ Thousand Openings

Design systems, layout, color;
Adobe InDesign, Illustrator,

Project manager

2.7+ Million Openings

Program management,
process improvement, project

IT support/ helpdesk

590+ Thousand Openings

Troubleshooting, deployment; Active Directory, computer hardware, Microsoft Windows Server.

IT administrator

2+ Million Openings

Manage systems, subscriptions, configuration, and identity; Windows Server, Active Directory.

Data analyst

360+ Thousand Openings

Data analysis, analytics,
visualization; Microsoft Excel,
SQL, BI, Tableau.