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Holley Lewis is a coworking member at the SOVA Innovation Hub.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Holley Lewis, who utilizes the coworking space at the SOVA Innovation Hub to work remotely when she is not traveling to her home office or visiting customers. Holley works for Trane Technologies as a Senior Systems Account Manager. She is an active member of the Halifax County Chamber of Commerce, serving on the Board of Directors and as a Halifax Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs (HYPE) committee member. She most recently dedicated her time to conducting mock interviews with Halifax County High School seniors to prepare them for the business sector.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and the work that you do?

Answer: I graduated from Virginia Tech in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. This degree set me up for two really great job opportunities, one with Trane and the other with ABB (Hitachi). I’m a Halifax County native, and the job opportunity with ABB is what brought me back to Halifax in 2019. I currently work for Trane and have been a Sales Engineer with them for about 8 of the last 11 years.

What is your personal why for the work you do? How do you use technology in your work?

Answer: Most people think of their home HVAC system when they think of Trane. But we are so much more than that! I work for the commercial division of Trane Technologies, and it’s our commitment to innovate and advance sustainability while providing comfortable and safe environments for others. I rely heavily on technology to lay out systems for our customers. Building specifications and plans are very detailed documents that often take years to develop. Trane is part of that process start to finish, and we rely on modeling software and equipment design programs throughout the process. I appreciate the challenges my job presents and the consistent learning opportunity that come along with it.

Has your career path been surprising?

Answer: The HVAC industry was not on my radar during college, but it’s important to find a company whose goals and commitments align well with your own. Trane felt like the best fit for me, and I am glad I went with my gut when making the decision.
Holley Lewis in the coworking space

Holley uses her dedicated desk to get work done at the SOVA Innovation Hub.

Can you tell us about your reason(s) for seeking out our coworking space? What problems were you trying to solve? What was the solution like once you experienced the coworking space?

Answer: I needed a dedicated workspace that was distraction free, and the SOVA Innovation Hub was able to offer that for a reasonable amount. My productivity has increased dramatically and it’s great to have some separation between work and home. I’ve really enjoyed meeting others in the community that use the space as well. And fun fact – if you look up in the coworking space, you will see 3 Trane units dedicated to heating and cooling the space!

Would you recommend this space to others?

Answer: I would absolutely recommend this space to others.

Are you a member of any community organizations or groups? What do you want the reader to know about those organizations?

Answer: I am a committee member for:
It’s wonderful how these organizations help make Halifax County a better place to live. There are so many passionate citizens in this county who volunteer their time and talent. Our community is a better place because of it.

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Trane Technologies focuses on manufacturing of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning and refrigeration systems bringing efficient and sustainable climate innovations to buildings, homes and transportation. Learn more at TraneTechnologies.com.
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